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Postharvest Toolkit and Services Foundation team will extend its work to reach out to secondary schools, institutions, industries and agriculture / horticulture entrepreneurs in fighting the food waste and loss by:

  • Training programs on the use of toolkits;
  • Strengthening Agriculture Teacher’s, Demonstrators’ and Field Extension Officers to empower them with skills, knowledge and expertise relative to postharvest handling and crop physiology;
  • Support postharvest experts in training Trainer of trainees in pre- harvest and postharvest innovations and technology of fresh produce, field crops and ornamentals.

Information on the use of tools is made available on ready to upload book 100 under $ 100, manuals and materials shared under resources.

Further online training in the form of webinar; workshops will be made available on-line. (Due to Corona Covid epidemiological and prevention measures travel to affected areas will be postponed to a later date)
At Later stages PTKSF team will visit postharvest centres and institutions at certain regions in Africa, and different corners of the world to monitor and evaluate the use of toolkit and identify additional needs to add value on food sustainability, security and safe that led to the global food waste land food losses lead by the climatic change.


Download Free PDF copy

The PDF book includes hotlinks for references and resources plus links to share in your tweets and text.

Buy the Paperback version on Amazon e-book $ 3,99.

Digital documents referenced in the book: Google Drive

100 Under $100

Tools for Reducing Postharvest Losses

Author: Betsy Teutsch
Technical Editor: Lisa Kitinoja

ISBN 978-1-62027-011-0
Published Date: June 2019
Publisher: The Postharvest Education Foundation, La Pine, Oregon
Pages: 310

Author and Editor of The book 100 under $100

Dr Lisa Kitinoja is Founder and President of The Postharvest Education Foundation (PEF), La Pine, Oregon. She has been involved as a private consultant in international horticultural development since the 1980s and has been specialising in postharvest technology, food loss reduction and the extension of information on small-scale postharvest handling practices since 1992. She founded the non-profit organisation PEF in 2011, which provides innovative training programs in postharvest food loss reduction for extension workers, farmers and young horticultural professionals in developing countries.

Betsy Teutsch focuses on the intersection of low-tech solutions, women’s empowerment, and eco-sustainability. Her book, 100 under $100: Tools for Empowering Global Women, included Postharvest loss reduction. This volume zooms in on this vital sector, featuring 100 tools under $100 for reducing postharvest losses. Follow her:
Twitter @BetsyTeutsch and Facebook @100PostharvestTools

Proper use and care of Tools available on the manual

  • Digital temperature probe
  • Firmness or Pressure tester (Penetrometer)
  • Refractometer: measuring soluble solids or gases
  • Psychrometer: Measuring relative humidity
  • Chlorine test strips: measuring ppm free chlorine
  • pH Test strips: measuring acidity or alkalinity
  • Other useful tools ; scales, calipers, sizing rings

Please note: USB sticks with resources and materials are available on request at nominal cost.

Additional are printed colour chart booklets, Logo Tote bags, logo pen etc

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